Kody & Carin | Playa Largo

Jannette De Llanos made planning the photography for my wedding fun and easy. We had a chance to get know each other (in a photography sense) with a bridal session before the wedding. It was a great way to feel comfortable in front of a camera before the big day. Definitely recommend this to anyone!
She made the timeline planning easy with simple suggestions I wouldn't have normally have thought of, including keeping your bridal suite clean for photos and keeping all the little details together (rings, invitations, etc). She was very thorough on the day of, capturing all of my details, emotions, and fabulous ladies pre-ceremony. Honestly she was so in-the-zone with details and ladies that I forgot that that she was there until it was time for my photos. She made it so stress-free.
During ceremony I just couldn't hold it together, I was a sobbing mess walking down the aisle! Then I looked up and saw Jannette with the biggest smile on her face and it immediately brought me back. I have the most amazing photos from her team and I will cherish them forever. I can't thank them enough for everything! They have fair prices and deliver magical images! Absolutely recommend her team!