Eric & Savannah | Virginia

So Jannette is based in the Keys, but we were lucky enough that she was willing to travel all the way to Virginia for our wedding and reception. Some people, when they heard we were having a Harry Potter wedding, looked at us like we were crazy. But not Jannette. She somehow was able to take this zany idea of ours and photograph it in a way that was magical and breathtaking. Looking at the pictures, I still have a hard time believing that it was our wedding--every photograph is so elegant and perfect. Jannette and Michael are honestly top notch photographers. I couldn't have asked for anything better from a photographer. They got the best angles, the best views, and the best possible pictures. You wouldn't think tilting your head an inch to the left or right would make a huge difference, but it does. I'm beyond thankful for the fact that Jannette and Michael worked so hard to make our day such an incredible one. I'd honestly like them to just photograph the rest of my life!